About Chaterix

Chaterix is an Artificial Intelligence service dedicated to improve the quality of leads in the real-estate market. With its bot and a back-end chat application, the service assists sales teams in their day-to-day work.

The challenge

We were tasked with the full service design, in an iterative process. The bot, mobile and desktop versions of the chat app, and the administration software to monitor, qualify, and handle conversations.


The Chaterix project

Chaterix is a suite of tools to improve the relationship between the real estate-agent and the client.


Dashboard for Chaterix admins to monitor their sales teams and understand how the communication with clients is performing.

Chaterix admin panel

Users can customize their chat window, install and upgrade it, and start monitoring chats in a matter of minutes.

Product page

The product page shows a demo, feature highlights and pricing.

ios and android apps

While end users chat from a web widget, real-estate agents have a native app to quickly follow-up on requests.