About Tipit

A web design and development firm in Austin, Texas, Tipit has major local news networks as their client. On their websites, they serve hundreds of short videos every day, which had very basic playback tracking.

The challenge

Tipit's CEO came to us with a 3-word startup brief: real-time video analytics. We would be tasked with defining what that meant, identifying metrics, designing visualizations, and implementing the UI for it.

Project date:2011 - 2013

The Vizvid project

Monitor real-time usage trends for rapid response and an increased ability to monetize video content.


Early mockups and prototypes where we identified meaningful metrics and devised an approach for remote testing of information visualizations.

Web dashboard

The main dashboard for users, featuring several custom graphics created with SVG, canvas, D3.js

Landing page

Landing page with embedded real-time graphics to lure users, included sign-up and onboarding flows.

Windows mobile app

A mobile client was designed for the main charts, following the then-new Windows Metro design language.